WARNING! THIS IS A COMMUNITY OF MUTUAL FINANCIAL HELP! Participate only with spare money. Do not contribute all the money you have.
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All remittances-ONLY through your Acount (through the special program)! No one has the right to require to send money in any other way! (For example, to any special ERC20 account) Any of such requirements (or request:-)) - is a scam! Please report to the system administrator.

All work-ONLY through the Private Accounts.If someone suggests you other ways of work,not through the official user center - it's a scam! Please report to the system administrator. :-)

Never share your password,it is personal and non-transferable.For your safety,please do not use common passwords,such as your name birthady or serial number.Always use complex passwords and try to use letters,numbers and special characters.


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I read the THE WARNING, and I fully understand all the risks. I make decision to participate in MMM, being of sound mind and memory.

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Select where exactly you want to have funds from the cash in Mavro.

Select your PAX address registered earlier.

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Withdrawal Currency : Mavro-PAX
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Attention: Already matched to the helper for you. He will make a payment as soon as possible. Your payment should be received within 72 hours. There will be an email reminder when the funds are remitted. Please check your email in time.

After receiving help, don't forget to share your joy with other participants in our wonderful system and send us appropriate letters in order to be placed on the interactive page.

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0.5% - The Jackpot Funds

When the countdown is 00:00:00, the jackpot will be unveiled. The jackpot funds are allocated to the last help providers. The last participant who pays and transfers is given 10 times the amount of his payment, according to payment order. Each participant who pays and transfers is awarded five times the amount of the payment according to the reverse order of time for their payment starting from the last until the jackpot funds have been allocated wholly.

0.5% - The Funds of Refund

After the allocation of the jackpot funds, help providers who do not win the ultimate reward will continue to be allocated with the funds of refund in the reverse order of time for their payment and transfer, with 100% of the help amount returned, until the funds of refund have been allocated wholly.

0.2% - The Preparatory Jackpot

After the system starts a new cycle after the restart, the preparatory jackpot starts and provides life energy for the market vitality after the restart.

Description of GAS Miner Fees

MMMGLOBAL2019 decentralized smart contract system is established on the underlying layer of ERC20 blockchain network and automatically implemented according to the blockchain contract terms. The blockchain operation, transmission, storage and trigger need to consume GAS miner fees. GAS miners fees are received by the global miners. MMMGLOBAL2019 system pays the global miners automatically according to standards.

Total global registered accounts since the start of the system.

Number of accounts applying for providing help (PH order), but waiting for matching.

Total amount of PH orders waiting for matching.

Total amount paid from GH orders today.

Explanation of the Countdown Timer to the Jackpot

If due to the weak market and the scarce funds, the application for GH orders has not been matched for more than 15 days, the contract code will automatically trigger the jackpot competition mechanism. The countdown will begin in the last 24 hours. When the countdown begins, with each help of $100 paid to the account, the countdown will be increased by 15 seconds. And the countdown can be increased to 24 hours and will no longer be increased. When the countdown is 00:00:00, the jackpot will be unveiled. PH/GH will be stopped.

Explanation of Buy Mavro

Applying for PH order would consume 2% of the PH order to purchase Mavro jackpot funds. 2% of the jackpot funds (0.5% of the jackpot funds; 0.5% of the funds of refund; 0.2% of the preparatory funds; 0.8% of the exploration funds).

Explanation of Immediate Help

By clicking this key after the countdown of Jackpot Competition starts, full amount of PH order will match immediately and enter the frozen period; if the amount hasn´t been paid as expected after the frozen period lapsed, the help provider could win the jackpot funds and the funds of refund proportionally according to the system rules.

Dear Participant !

According to the System rules, within three days after receiving assistanc, You must write a "Letter of happiness" which will be posted in the section "testimonials" (share your happiness witrh other as well).

The letter is free, but it should contain:

Please note you are give only 3 attemps to write the letter, if you fail to comply you will be blocked. (Forever and ever) so please, don´t ignore moderator´s requirements (if he makes them) and do not send him endlessly the same text, for example "Together we change the world".

If you attach a video (that shows how happy you are after getting help), it will be really wonderful. You can read about it below. Good luck in your writing.If you want to attach some suitable picture (payment document or your selfie where you are wearing MMM t-shirt: you are welcome.

Your Message

Image File (file size should be less than 2M)

Insert a link to your video on Youtube.

As you can see, the requirementsare very simple. Anyway, one can even make some efforts for such bonuses! Isn´t it? Atleast a little bit on the whole, let´s get down to work. Long live MMM! We wish you every success in getting the bonus!

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